Friday, November 12, 2010

a lil' bit o' this, a lil' bidda that.

I ride on the psych wave. Sometimes I fall off. Right now, I am riding that wave full force. I have been training and am so psyched to do so. But in other words, the main reason of this post is Mike uploaded a video of the other day when we were at Pistol Whip. check it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The right path

Full Gravity Day was awesome. I ended up taking 5th overall. Not quite my goal, haha, but I am still happy with it. Most of all, it was a learning experience I needed now, not later. Dominick Speranza ended up besting me in the finals taking fourth. Sick with it. He's pretty psyched about that. Me, well I'm mainly nervous haha. This is gonna be an exciting go around this year. I'm actually really psyched about it. I'll have to work it up.
Besides that, the next day I journeyed to Pistol Whip. I ran into Mike, Marc, and Clint going to Cornflakes, and they were already heading to Pistol Whip, so I accompanied them. Short story short, we managed to throw down and finish the stand up start for pistol whip. Now the SITTTT, YAHH!!
Besides that, I'm just training, so I can avoid failure. Hah I'm PSYCHED!