Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Interweb

Something completely unrelated to climbing. If you are bored, check out Khan Academy. Or check out MIT OCW. The internet is great. Oh and I climbed Full Retard yesterday. Cool route.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Route.

This is going to sound like rambling because I do not know the names of the boulders to make this clear, but I needed a break from thinking, so here it is.

On Saturday, I went out and climbed with Charlie, Joel, Aaron (maybe just one "a"), Angela, Liz, and Clint.

It's nice to climb with other people that want to climb. Most importantly though, I beat Dominick's V-points from last weekend in a day. So what I've done the routes like thirty times before... they were WEEKEND FLASHES.

Snytonga 9
Shyza-Shyza 16
Fingerpaint 23
Ripper Extension 31
Neurologic 38
Deadman's Harley 46
Riding a Deadman's Harley 57

But, like I said, New Route, and that would be Neurologic. It's a short V7 on the boulder to the left of Black Pearl and Sugar Pie in the Maze area. The boulder the route is on has the 3 and 4. Neurologic starts on a right hand crimp and a barely-there left hand pinch. Then, one move to a two or three finger pocket. From there, one big cross move to the lip.

Back to homework.