Monday, July 22, 2013

Mt. Evans and the dyno comp with Charlie... more to come

A week back Charlie Barron and I, on a moments notice, drove down to Mt. Evans on a Tuesday at 4:30 PM to climb. Arriving at Echo lake around 2:30 AM, after having done some late night grocery shopping, we kicked the pads out of the car and crashed in the back of my Subaru. Our prime choice of sleeping location was due to the lake's prohibition of overnight camping (the only type of camping?). Waking up the next morning, I was stoked to already be positioned at the trailhead. We kicked it off, and proceeded to hike the moderate 2.5 miles to the boulders. Day one consisted of Charlie and I climbing a V6 on the Bierstadt in entirely polar styles... he just jumped. Then Charlie jumped on Bierstadt (V9) and oddly did not crush it. It was even more surprising due to the fact my last trip out here, 2 or 3 weeks prior, I had managed to do it in 5 or less tries. Charlie, only slightly fazed, went on to destroy the Dali (V8) quickly. I had done this route in the fall of 2012 and was glad he punted it out just as easily. Next we both completed this silly campus V9 on the boulder with Seurat. In addition to this, we completed Seurat, a deceptively difficult V8. __________________________________________________________ I was also very close to sending Clear Blue Skies (V11). The last move. __________________________________________________________ Day 2 Charlie and I were wrecked. We tried to send Gorillas in the Mist. Every move was worked out, just no linkage. Also of note, The previous time I was at Mt. Evans, I managed to complete Public Execution (V10) quickly. __________________________________________________________ After the hike out, we drove to Lander WY, and once again arrived at 2:30. This time it was raining. Charlie somehow passed out comfortably in the passenger seat, as I shifted uncomfortably in the driver's seat. Around 5, I was pissed, but it had stopped raining, so I set up my tent and slept in it until 8. With minimal sleep, Charlie and I just meandered for a day, friday the rest day, Come night however, and it was game on. Charlie tied for 2nd place in the dyno competition with Matt Fultz, being barely edged out by Ethan Pringle. __________________________________________________________ Photo credit to Danny Baker __________________________________________________________ Next will be climbing in Lander the next two days.

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