Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lander Cruisin'

I would make this a photo essay, if I ever took any photos. ha. Alas, it must be a mix of both. Charlie and I went out to the Rockshop with David Lloyd and Danny Baker, amongst others. First of all, thank you David for Taking us out there. It was an amazing day of climbing on superb rock. We started off at the paralysis wall, which is home to V1, V2, and V3 warmups. After pussing out on the V1, I looked like quite the pebble wrestler. In addition to these three warmups, the paralysis wall was home to a project on the right side of the face. We all gave it a couple of burns. I know that both Charlie and I felt close, but the send remained elusive. Next, everyone circuited Starry Night (V7). Danny, Charlie, and I all managed our first ascents of this route. Subsequently, Charlie and I went to jump on Gem Thief (V11), my hope for the day. I managed to do the route in approximately 45 min. This was miraculous and unexpected. It was two brutal and powerful moves followed by a couple of relatively easy moves.-----
Danny Baker Photo-----
From there, the troop went to a gorgeous V2/3. As the day began to wrap up, Charlie managed to crush out The Giving Tree (V10). No photo on the internet does this boulder justice. It is miraculous. I am jealous of both Jamie E and Chris M for putting down proud first ascents on this boulder. Perhaps of note: There is supposed to be a stand start on the giving tree, a V8. Charlie and I climbed something of and eliminate (I would not call it a pure line) that does not hit the good left hand sidepull (the hold you slap to on the first move of the V8). It also does not use the flaky jug out to the right. It was hard.-----

The next day, Charlie and I went out, wrecked. I managed to complete The Giving Tree. And Charlie flashed Zef. And we both sent Lord of the Flies in our tennis. The two days were glorious.

More soon. I will attempt to make a post every day this, so as to catch up and cover some topics I've been meaning to.

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